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Here you’ll be able to find, read and download our answers to the latest consultations on multiple topics promoted by European institutions.

The CEER public consultation document explores the role of DSOs in facilitating greater flexibility on the energy system. It sets out a draft advice how the regulatory framework may need to change to remove barriers and encourage flexibility use where it can minimise overall network costs, while optimising system performance and efficiency for the benefit of consumers.

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Bne’s answer to the consultation:  20170524_bne_CEER Consultation Response_Flex Use at Distribution Level_final

The role of the Distribution System Operator(s) (DSO) has traditionally been well understood and defined.

Distribution system operators (DSOs) play an important role in a well functioning IEM. The DSOs are responsible for secure system operation but are also a market facilitator. In the coming years, there will be new opportunities for DSOs to deliver benefits to energy consumers and the energy sector in general. Retail liberalisation, demand-side response arrangements, new technology, and distributed electricity generation as well as gas distributed injection have meant that the role and culture of DSOs has changed over the last decade and will continue to change.

This CEER consultation paper considers different regulatory tools to reflect the current differences in DSOs activity profiles, unbundling and structural and technical issues, and does not seek to impose a single regulatory solution for DSOs across Europe.

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Bne’s answer to the consultation: 20150227_bne_CEER Consultation ResponseFuture Role of DSOs